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Mike has been a strong and vocal advocate for the on-going learning and training required for the legal profession as a whole to deliver the best service. Today, when lawyers want a unique insight into legal practice, they often call Mike to present programs that tackle tough issues with a fresh perspective. See a list of Mike’s presentations and speeches HERE.

Knowledge is insufficient, unless paired with the Skill to use it. Mike has been a skillful drafter, litigator, and appellate advocate, having presented cases to judges, juries, government agencies, and arbitrators in twenty states, at hearings, trials and appeals, in state and federal courts.

Michael draws on nearly 20 years of legal experience to identify and solve the challenges that confront his clients. As a transactional lawyer, litigator, mediator, business owner, and entrepreneur, it may seem that Mike has seen and done it all. Mike uses his experience to help clients identify and achieve their goals.

As a growing business we are always working to manage cash and control our expenses. By setting up our legal services on a fixed monthly fee we have been able to take one of the more material irregular expenses and make it predictable. Additionally we believe there is great value in the fee structure of the program given the scope of services provided and our occasional intense use of contract review services.

-Tony Robertson Chief Financial Officer, OnSite Health Diagnostics, LLC