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The Coles Firm provides business counseling, consulting, and General Counsel services on a flat-fee month-to-month basis. For a small business, this service can be invaluable. By retaining The Coles Firm on a month-to-month basis, you can request meetings, phone calls, contract reviews, dispute management and resolution, and a variety of other services. The Coles Firm does not outsource these requests. Each request is handled by an attorney employed by the firm.

For more information on these services, please see our website: www.Lawyer-Unlimited.com.


Our litigation services include representing employers and employees in disputes involving harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other employment-related claims. We also handle trade secret matters, including negotiating and drafting agreements as well as litigating cases involving trade secrets and confidential information. Finally, for the small- and medium-sized business entrepreneur, we offer business start-up services. Where appropriate, we involve separate counsel with particular specialization to ensure clients receive the best legal counsel.


Our immigration services include representing large multi-national companies seeking to hire and/or transfer employees into the U.S. We also represent individual clients, seeking employment- and family-based immigration status, including short- and long-term visas as well as Permanent Residence.

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Our mediation service combines our experience with single- and multi-plaintiff litigation. Based on our experience handling and managing employment-based litigation, on behalf of employers and employees, we offer litigants the opportunity to mediate their disputes with a mediator who has an established record on both sides of employment matters. This allows us to speak to opposing counsel and clients based on real-world experience. We promise to provide a mediator who can appreciate both sides to a dispute.

Rural Immigration Initiative

The Coles Firm is now launching its Rural Immigration Initiative. Working with local civic, religious, and professional groups, The Coles Firm is committed to bringing meaningful immigration benefits to those who might otherwise go ignored. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you likely know of the many resources available to help address immigration challenges. In rural, often agricultural, communities, these resources may not exist. The Rural Immigration Initiative is one way to help bring qualified counsel to those who need it most.

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